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wingfoil event week

the trainings camp at kBC

At the KBC Wingfoil Event you will be coached and trained by the professional KBC Wingfoil teaching team – some event dates at KBC Dakhla also take place with pro wingfoiler Jelle Stoop and his experienced teaching team from the Foil School NL.

wingfoil event termine

KBC El Gouna Wingfoil Event
08.09. – 13.09.2023

06.10. – 11.10.2023


24.11. – 30.11.2023

KBC Parajuru Wingfoil Event

19.11. – 24.11.2023


19.11. – 24.11.2023

KBC Dakhla Wingfoil Event
08.09. – 13.09.2023

KBC Wingfoil Event Dakhla

08.09. – 13.09.2023
08.09. – 13.09.2023

KBC Wingfoil Event Dakhla by Jelle Stoop

08.09. – 13.09.2023
08.09. – 13.09.2023

wing foil course

The Wing Foil Basic Course is the perfect way to learn to wing foil professionally and safely. In 1-2 days you will learn everything essential about wing foiling step by step in theory and practice with premium material from F-ONE.


what is wingfoiling?

Wingfoiling is the new, incredible way to glide over the water, almost to float - an absolutely new feeling of locomotion.

Wingfoiling is the logical consequence of surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing, or foil kitesurfing. The unique feeling of wingfoiling has convinced many water sports enthusiasts. Also the use in the lowest wind range makes wingfoiling not only an alternative in the light wind range, starting already from 10-12 knots.

Your wing is ready for use in just a few minutes: Inflate & off you go. You stand or kneel on a large hydrofoil board. In both hands you hold the Wing, the inflatable kite, which floats in the wind without pressure even in light winds. You place the wing in the wind and generate lift and propulsion. You’re already moving on the water. With the foil board, a board with a hydrofoil construction under water, you start planing very early and as soon as you have reached a certain speed, your board detaches itself from the water surface. Suddenly everything becomes very quiet and light: you lift off the water and seem to float with your board in the air.

fast learning & highly addictive

Wingfoiling is safe, easy and quick to learn, you don’t need a second person to help you get started and you don’t need a “launch area” (like kitesurfing), just access to the water. Wingfoiling is an absolutely uncomplicated way of getting around on coasts and lakes. On crowded beaches or at spots with a kite ban, it is usually allowed to use the wing without any problems. The advantage is that no lines have to be laid out. With the wing in your hand, you have a much smaller radius. You are self-sufficient, don’t need a launch area and can easily launch from small sections of beach, jetties or even from a boat.Even if this all sounds like a child’s play, you should definitely take a professional course beforehand. In a course, you will learn the basics for a successful start in wingfoiling quickly, sustainably and, above all, safely.
You can also use the wing in many other sports: longboarding, inline skating, snowboarding, stand-up paddling and much more. The possibilities are almost endless and will give you a lot of fun.

anyone can learn to wingfoil - you too! join us!

the perfect wind for wingfoiling

how many winds (knots) do i need for wingfoiling?

A bit of wind is essential to learn to wingfly. The wing won’t fly without any wind. However, 8-10 knots are already sufficient – i.e. a gentle breeze. The KBC Wingfoil schools are located in areas where windless phases are rather rare. From about 5 knots, the wing stays in the air – perfect for first flight exercises on land.

too little wind during course?

If your course cannot take place due to too little or too much wind, we will reimburse you for the missed performance in the form of a voucher. You can then make up the part of the course when the wind is right.

wing foil equipment

set up your wing

The set-up is very simple and does not require much effort. The wing is ready for use within a few minutes: You take the Wing out of your rucksack. It is important that you stand with your back to the wind and always hold the Wing firmly. You open the wing and immediately attach the pump line to the wing so that the wing does not fly away. Pump the wing according to the instructions (note the PSI number on the wing and pump).
The wing has a one-pump system, which means that the entire wing inflates in one piece. You always hold the leading edge/front tube in the direction of the wind, so the wing is pressureless and only rocks gently in the wind. To fix the wing during setup, place it downwind of your board and attach the leash of the wing to the board.

wing foil elements

(1) Front tube
(2) Strut
(3) handles
(4) loops(for hooking the harness)
(5) flying cloth
(6) connecting cloth
(7) loop for leach
(8) loop
(9) Inserts
(10) handle(for carrying)
(11) Leash
(12) Mast
(13) Front wing
(14) rear Wing
(15) Fuselage (connection)

f-one wingfoil

At KBC, we have been teaching and kiting with the premium brand F-ONE since 2005. The easy handling, the unique quality and performance and the constant innovations have convinced us since the first day of our cooperation. The material at the centres is renewed and replaced every year, serviced daily and only flawless wings and boards go into training.

kbc wingfoil school

At the Kiteboarding Club, you are lucky to learn at a renowned German water sports school with a focus on kitesurfing, which is teaching kitesurfing professionally since 2000. The training concept, developed by the sports scientist and founder Thomas Beckmann, has since proven its worth and is now practised at eight kitesurfing schools worldwide.
Many of the KBC kitesurfing instructors have a degree in sports science and are therefore highly qualified beyond the VDWS kitesurfing instructor training. Most of them have been active in the KBC network for years and also work as kite instructors or station managers at other KBC spots during the winter season. Competence, friendliness and commitment is the maxim. They love what they do and are happy to share their learning successes with the students. They also have no problem meeting individual requirements. KBC Hindeloopen is considered a forge for up-and-coming kite instructors. The instructors who have been trained at KBC Hindeloopen are in great demand at all KBC centres.
The KBC centres often receive special praise for the family atmosphere and the great vibe: a relaxed easy going, but at the same time perfect organisation in the background. Almost all KBC schools teach in German, only at KBC Dakhla and KBC Tarifa you will only find English-speaking teachers. At all KBC centres, lessons are also taught in English, and sometimes in French and Arabic on request. You should make sure that your teacher speaks a language that you understand 100%.