the all-round care free service for independent kitesurfers and wingfoilers

KBC Dakhla is the perfect place for a very comfortable kitesurfingor wingfoilingholiday as you will find everything you need in one place: On the wide sandy beach of Dakhla Club Hotel is the fully equipped watersportscentre.The large sun terrace with deck chairs is the centre of the school, behind it the reception, the wonderful shop, the rental and the beach bar. Here you can get delicious snacks and cool drinks. The long annexe houses the guest storage, as well as showers and toilets. The centre is designed for high occupancy, even brands like F-ONE like to hold their annual meeting at KBC Dakhla. Nevertheless, you are welcomed here by a familiar, very warm atmosphere.Water sports enthusiastswith their own equipment can store it in the large guest storage at KBC Dakhla and use the entire infrastructure of the centre. Beach boys help with launching and landing the kites and the rescue boat ensures safety on the water.

all station services

At the private beach of KBC Dakhla you enjoy the following services:

rescue service

The lifeboat will help you within minutes if you have a problem in the deep water.
It will help you if you can no longer walk upwind, rescue your kite or board and help you with any deep water problems.The service fee includes 2 rescues per week per person

storage of your equipement

All kitesurfers and wingfoilers who use the KBC spotregister in advance at the reception. In return, they benefit from the use of the centre’s complete infrastructure and service from arrival to departure.Please understand that for safety and convenience purposes, it is not permitted to store your gear in your hotel room.

pricelist storage/service

service storage (1 day)

€ 12

service storage (2 day)

€ 24

service storage (3 day)

€ 36

service storage (4 day)

€ 48

service storage (5 day)

€ 60

service storage (6 day)

€ 72

service storage (7 day)

€ 72

service storage (8 day)

€ 84

service storage (9 day)

€ 96

service storage (10 day)

€ 108

service storage (11 day)

€ 120

service storage (12 day)

€ 132

service storage (13 day)

€ 144

service storage (14 day)

€ 144

More prices you will find at the center.