Whether you choose ancestral authenticity, the mystery of the desert, or the charm of Oriental tales, each hammam offers you an exceptional experience infused with the rich traditions of Morocco.

Ancestral Hammam

Immerse yourself in a captivating sensory experience with our Ancestral Hammam, inspired by centuries of Moroccan practices. Enjoy an exfoliating scrub with black soap. Treat your hair to nourishing care and relax with a traditional kessala massage. To conclude beautifully, savor a Moroccan infusion that extends the soothing benefits of this ancestral ritual.

45 min

350 Dh


Explore the ancient traditions of the Moroccan desert with our Desert Secrets Hammam. Immerse yourself in a unique experience where the nila scrub and Ghassoul wrap regenerate you deeply. Combined with access to the sauna for ultimate relaxation, this package envelops you in the serenity of the desert, leaving you revitalized and soothed.
60 min
600 Dh

One Thousand and One Nights Hammam - Supreme Radiance

Immerse yourself in a fairytale of well-being with our Arabian Nights Hammam. From the moment you’re welcomed with a refreshing drink, let yourself be carried away by enchanting exfoliation and facial massage. Continue with a luxurious body wrap and massage, each gesture a gentle elixir of relaxation. For the final touch, treat your feet to a soothing salt bath. A resplendent experience, the culmination of absolute well-being.
90 min
1000 Dh